April 22, 2013

It is now official, I'm in my late 30s

I have officially made it into my late thirties.
Today is my birthday and I am feeling every bit of these blessed 37 years.

Late thirties.
That's just hard to let sink in.

Ten years ago I could not have predicted where I would be now. 
What I had sketched in my head is so vastly different than how this last decade has panned out. 
The one constant is my career which I am no longer married to, but in a steady relationship with.  This pleases me to no end.  I've checked the boxes I wanted to by certain ages in that department so I'm pleased.

As for the rest of my days in this last decade, the story may be told as more of a comedy than a drama or romantic film, but I'm OK with that.  Who doesn't want to smile when reflecting back over their life?

I'm lucky to have made it this far and hoping this is one of the best years to come.

But, the extra wrinkles I see each month do not please me as they are constant reminders my youth is slipping through my fingers.  And the extra hair color appointments I have to make each year to clear out the gray is not something that I like to brag about.


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you celebrated in style.

    I just turned 38 last week so I can relate. The extra crows' feet around my eyes are kind of depressing but I also realize how lucky I am to have made it this far and be in decent health and shape.

  2. I turned 37 in August so I feel your pain. It's us TV types :(

  3. Happy Birthday, mother trucker! Big squeezes!!!

  4. Happy, happy birthday. I am so happy for you and have a feeling this birthday is gonna be one of the best yet. Fill me in on what y'all do to celebrate! Xoxoxo

  5. Happy birthday! Fingers cross that 2013 is your year. ;) I'd like it to be mine too! haha

  6. Happy birthday to you! I have a feeling this is going to be your best year yet.
    Best wishes. Bises x

  7. I've just found your blog and already I get to wish you a happy birthday! I'm looking forward to following along your journey through 37 - I agree there's a certain beauty in knowing however you are imagining it, it will likely be so different (and possibly so much better).