April 15, 2013

A little beagle trauma

You turn your back during feeding time for one second and the huge mutt-dog accidentally mauls one of your beagles.

So you scoop up the victim and run her to the vet swaddled in a towel. 

You drive to the vet ever so carefully speaking to the dog telling her how much you love her and asking her to hang on.  

She's not very alert at this point and you realize she's in shock.

You throw the car in park, run in, hand off the pooch to the vet --- all the while your car is running in the lot outside and you look down only to realize you are now also covered in bright red blood.

But minutes later you find out your little buddy is stabilized and you hear her yelp in the triage room next door to your private exam room.  And then another few more yelps.

The sweetest sound ever.

And at the end of the day you get a call to come pick her up as she is finished with her IVs, pain meds and monitoring.

And, God is good all the time.

Even if the beagle instigated the accidental attack over a tiny kibble.

That kibble cost her Mom $417.

There goes my spending money for my vacation.

She's worth it though.

Every dime.

 Post clean-up.
Had she been more alert, $10 says she would have been really upset about the Hello Kitty blankie.
Mad props to the purple, polka dot tourniquet though.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!! Poor pooch! A tiny kibble is a lot to a beagle. Little food mongers :( Hope the pooch recovers quickly!!

  2. Aww, give her a huggle from me. That polka dot bandage is pretty great though.

  3. I am glad she is okay and I am wishing her a quick recovery!

  4. Poor baby. So glad she's okay!

  5. Poor Baby. I'd have a heart attack on the way. My biggest fear is my pet getting injured. Heck I almost had a heart attack when I accidentally stepped on his paw when he was just a baby.


    The exact same thing happened to Ignatius once (over kibble). He also once instigated an incident that resulted in another dog biting their dog walker. Beagles and food, I tell you . . .

    Once again, thank goodness she's okay. That would have scared the living daylights out of me!

  7. glad she's okay! i have a sweet beagle too and i would freak out if anything happened to him.