March 6, 2013

You can't take your eyes off her for 2 seconds

This is your PSA.

If you are considering adopting a beagle, this is your fair warning.
Unless you have a high tolerance for patience and a sense of humor, I'd think about adopting a sloth instead.  I hear they are warm, fuzzy, quiet, hang around all day and don't get into toilets.

This one here is mine.
All mine.
Granted, I adopted her at the ripe old age of 10.
She's been progressively defying me ever since I brought her home.

100% beagle.
Maybe even 108% beagle.
Or more.
If that's possible.

You're welcome.

 "Shitter's full, Clark."

 "I'll totally help you pack boxes for the big move.  Totally."

 "I swear there's a crumb and I'm going to MacGuyver my way to it,...Even at the doc's office."

 "Did you want the power cord or the USB cord?  I got confused."

 "Yup, this cabinet is installed correctly and seems to pass inspection."

"You said you did or did not want help setting the table for dinner?"

She's my favorite little turd though.


  1. What a HOOT!! Buddy has never gotten on cabinets or in the toilet but my God if there is a crumb somewhere he's going to find it.
    I was walking him the other day and saw my neighbor and his dog. We decided to let them off the leash to run.
    Buddy runs straight for the door - that was a little bit open. Busted through and went straight upstairs to theirs dogs bowl!! REDIC!!! BEAGLES! Gotta love them!

    1. My first beagle I ever had would get out of the backyard and find herself in the neighborhood grocery store while I was at work...I once received a call from the bakery manager that they had her. That was the last time I left the dog in the backyard while I was away for the day. She soon became an inside dog! I have two beagles now...Tulip is a terror and Maddie is as sweet and mindful as they come. I do love the breed, but they can often be a handful.

  2. Love Beagles. My aunt and uncle have one and she's a total shit sometimes. But they do have the cutest faces and those big puppy dog eyes.

  3. OMG I love her and all beagles, despite their terrible behavior. SO FUNNY!

  4. I love dogs but could never, ever own a beagle. They are super cute but complete terrors. Our friends had one and they were constantly taking the dog to the vet to see what it had eaten and why it was moaning (A: a whole thing of glue, keys, a pack of Xmas tinsel, a mini cassette tape, etc...). Our current neighbors have one who constantly digs under our fence and gets in our yard wreaking havoc and howls every night for 30+ minutes, usually during dinner time. His name is Parker and he is known as "Parker the Barker" in our house.

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  6. Aw! We just have a cat right now and that's enough.