March 13, 2013

If I weren’t a commercial tv producer I’d______

Ever thought about what you would do with your career if the following held true...

Training and restarting your education didn’t factor in wasn’t an issue

I’ve given this a ton of thought over the last few months.  Not because I necessarily want to jump ship out of the industry I’m in, but more because I’m a dreamer and fantasize about a lot of WHAT IF’S.

Top 5 Dream Job Wish List:

1.     Director/Producer for independent documentaries – shown at places like Toronto Film Festival, Sundance, SXSW, etc.  I love watching and learning stories of real people.  Especially those who lead lives so completely different than my own or suffering from social injustices.

2.     Freelance interior designer.  Buying my first home and having complete creative control has unleashed a lot of day dreaming and interior designing within my own mind.   Following décor blogs has inspired so many more ideas on what more I want to do for this little white cottage I throw monthly mortgage money at.

3.     Lifestyle/humor columnist.  This would be a complete stretch as my writing skills are often lacking and my humor is often only found humorous by, well, me.

4.     Owner of a boutique flower shop.  There’s something peaceful and soothing about working with fresh flowers.

5.     Professional dog walker.  This just seems like a stress-free job and one without the agony of demanding clients, angered vendors, ridiculous time project timeframes and unruly budgets to manage.  A simple business model is something I often desire.

Out of the above list, 4 of them rotate within the creative field.  Guess it means I picked a current career path that best suits my personality and creative outlets.


  1. I'm with you on #1 but I would love to work on documentaries for Biography or something like that.
    I like the stories about real people as well.

    1. We might be kindred spirits with all our similarities!!!!!!!!! I have family out in Charlotte and if I ever make it out there, I'll be sure to drop you a line so we can meet up for a cocktail and chit chat!

  2. I'm in.....and working on all of these:
    1 - Writer - so I can do research and work anywhere. Not just a writer, a New York Times bestselling writer.
    2 - Speaker - paid well to travel the world and speak at conferences, luncheons, etc.
    3 - Jewelry and handbag designer
    4 - Real estate investor - a passive income thing
    5 - Travel show host/writer.

    1. Take me with you when you hit #2 and #5 :). I'll be your PA! Not to mention, you have great taste in accessories so you'll do well in that biz! Hope you gals met up on Saturday and had a good time. Sorry Annie and I had to miss out.

  3. So fun to dream. :) If you ever become a dog walker, I suggest you charge twice your normal rate for beagles. :)

    1. Good suggestion...I'll reach out to you for more advice when I start drafting my business plan!

  4. I like the dog walker idea. I think about this topic all the time - if only we could get do-overs.

    My other careers:
    1. Travel writer/photographer
    2. Sommelier
    3. Professional Caterer
    4. Party/Event/Wedding Planner
    5. Interior Designer

    Obviously this combines my love of travel, food, wine and parties b/c I am shallow like that.