February 27, 2013

Some beach some where

I'll be sitting on a beach sipping mai tai's and pina coladas in the not so distant future.

Specifically, here...

Suck that in for a moment.

I'll allow you to go on a jealous tirade.

Do you realize I have 3.5 months to be bathing suit ready for Kauai?  I just gagged at the thought and then decided to run 3 miles this evening.  I prayed that for every mile I ran I could drop a pound.  
My prayers did not get answered.  

Now I'm going over to my neighbors to stuff myself with mashed potatoes and wine...


  1. I hear you friend! I'm back down to pre baby weight but my body isn't the same and I have a MAJOR wine problem.

  2. I'm going to Maui in June. I ordered a bikini for kicks and giggles and it arrived yesterday. The terror has set in.

  3. Oh my goodness, so amazing! I'm going to the south of France in June and I am terrified of being in a bathing suit. And yet, I can't seem to kick the wine habit (seriously, it's not good) and/or give up cadbury eggs, etc. Good for you for running. You'll look great & have a blast. :)