March 14, 2013

I'm now the grunchy, granola girl and baby got some back

Just to give a shout-out to the inner black girl in me, I know every single word to this song and might have been jamming out to it while zipping around the Whole Foods parking lot this evening.  You're welcome for the 90's throw back.

Now on to the real reason for this post...

After two massive sinus infections within 6 weeks of each other which started off as what I deemed were allergy attacks and proceeded to manifest themselves and overtake my body and immune system like Satan having a go at it in Hell's Kitchen, I decided it was time to start inspecting my daily life around this little cottage.

Add to that my intense obsession with reflective, sleek and non-smudge granite counter tops I decided that certain store-bought brands weren't cutting it for my snubbed level of inspection.  Remind me next house I buy to ditch the granite and go with something a bit more trendy, less maintenance-intense and, for the love of Pete, something not everyone and their freaking dog has.  I researched some home-made solutions, mixed up a batch and - VOILA - the concoction was all that AND a bag of chips.  Therefore, I ditched the store-bought "special granite cleaning solution" and have used my own since.

Now mix in a conversation I had with a dear friend who informed me that the products we put on our skin (anti-aging creams, BB creams, serums, etc) often times have just as many toxins and BPAs that can cause more internal damage that not.  She educated me on the fact that adding non-natural, chemical enhanced applications to our skin (which is our largest organ) get absorbed and therefore become more toxic in our bodies.  I freaked out.

Blend all of the above together and I started to realize the products I was using in my home, on my body and breathing were more toxic than I ever gave them credit for.  

I wanted to cleanse.  From the outside in.  So, I ditched all my toxic cleaners, bleaches, soaps, lotions, etc. and have made the switch over to natural, home-made cleaning solutions.

This once preppy girl is now officially making the switch over to becoming a very crunchy home-body (that probably does not conjure up a very pretty picture of me in your mind, does it?).  

To think I lived in San Francisco for a number of years and never picked up these healthier habits.  

Proof I ditched all the toxic, chemical crap I've been stocking up on.
At least I threw it away in a bio-degradable paper bag.  
You're welcome Mother Earth.

 I went all anal-retentive and made my own house fragrance.  
Added essential tea tree oil for the extra pop of smell. 

 It ain't pretty packaging, but neither is Ke$ha.

Found a board on Pinterest for home-made, natural teeth whitening.
Busted out my inner Mad-Scientist.


  1. Oh, sweet baby jebus.

    1. Is this comment in regards to the music choice or my newly found obsession with organic cleaning?

  2. I'm looking up that teeth whitening recipe! I usually just use baking soda but hydrogen peroxide just makes it sassy.

  3. So it's a month on, how's the teeth whitening going? Is it working?