September 11, 2012

I have a baby

I went and got myself a baby.
I got the call on Friday after work.
So I flew out at 7AM on Saturday morning.

Look at her.
She’s perfect in every single way.

Well, OK, she’s not mine per se.   
Well, she kind of is, but it’s not like I spent 10 months perfecting her.   
My sister-in-law did.   
And I’d say she did a damn good job.   
Of course, my brother helped.   A little.

But I did go get me a baby this weekend.
A precious new baby niece.
And I couldn’t be a prouder aunt.
Or prouder of my bother and sister-in-law.

She’s the most innocent and loved person.
And she melts me.
And I love her to the moon and back.

I can’t wait to read books to her.
To change more diapers.
To take her on walks.
And to the zoo.
And shopping.
And on girl dates.
And host sleepovers with her.
And to teach her about manners.
And about giving back.
And why dogs are your best friends.
And about how wonderful her parents are.

I love you Lil Miss Natalie    
I love you to the moon and back a thousand times over.

Aunt Ry


  1. THIS will be an amazing love story. I'm five years in and I can't imagine a bigger love...yet. ; )

  2. she is beautiful Ryan! (just like her name)

    aunties are the best (one of my favorite titles for sure)

    i remember you telling me about her and how we had similar due dates and now here we are-- my sweet girl will arrive any day now and i can't wait! but my favorite part of all is that my twin sister will be there with me. A girl needs her auntie always ;) especially on her birthday.


  3. A biiiiiiiiig congrats to you, your darling little niece, your brother, and your sister in law. Natalie (yes, cute name!) is precious and I already want to see more pictures of her. SWEET!

  4. Congratulations Auntie!!! She's precious and there is nothing better than being the beloved Aunt, the one they come to when their parents are "so unfaiiiiirrrr..." The one who sends the best Christmas and birthday gifts. The one who loves them to the moon and back! She's very blessed already and so are you!

  5. she's beautiful!!! being the kickass aunt is the best :) enjoy every second with her - they grow SO fast!

  6. That baby is adorable!

  7. She is gorgeous! Congratulations auntie!! :)

  8. So glad you were here! -Robin