August 4, 2012

Vaca wrap

The things I did in the course of 7 days...

Water skied.
Went on plenty of boat rides.
Lost a family heirloom at the bottom of Lake Skaneateles.
Nearly shat my bathing suit upon seeing my ring drop to the bottom of the lake.
Drank copious amounts of wine that evening so I was numb from thinking what I had just lost.
Had some good laughs with the family.
Missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics because I was laughing with my family.
Surprised my Dad on his birthday.
Ran in the hills of up state NY.
Got caught running in the hills of up state NY in a lightning storm.
Shopped for my soon-to-be-niece with my mom, brother and sister-in-law.
Drove through New England and entered a Zen state of thinking on the Mass Turnpike.
Ate fresh corn off the cob just hours old.
Decorated my friend's entry way in her new house.
Re-decorated my friend's entry way in her new house.
Played golf.
Shanked a bajillion golf balls.
Probably destroyed some golf clubs doing so.
Ate way to much bad food and now paying for it.


  1. Aside from losing the ring, sounds like a wonderful trip! Family, water, food & drink, exercise, laughing . . . perfect. I'm heading to GA next week to see my family, and I can't wait . . . even though it's going to be approximately 382 degrees outside.

  2. sounds like a fabulous time, except for losing ur ring :(