August 10, 2012

Are we on Olympics overload?

Top 10 Things I Love About the Olympics
 Because we're not over-inundated with all this Olympic chatter quite yet.

1.  Who doesn't love a hot South African on prosthetic legs running like a gazelle?

2.  Speaking of love, who doesn't love to look at Aaron Piersol in a tight swim thing stroking through a pool?

3.  The National Anthem.  Enough said.

4.  Because only once every 4 years do people have the aperture to actually watch things like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.

5.  I am always sucked into all the vignette stories NBC does on certain athletes.

6.  Bob Costas really did have a face lift.  Rumor has it he sports (pun intended) a toupee as well.  Go figure.  And that explains the soft lighting every time the camera cuts to him behind the desk.

7.  The Opening Ceremonies are just another lesson in geography and a game of guess what continent that random country belongs too.

8.  Who doesn't love juicy stories about Olympic Village?

9.   I want to see how many women Usain Bolt can land.

10.  Hoping that Ralph Lauren gets booted from designing our next go-around of outfits for the 2014 winter festivities.

Our boy, Bob

I wouldn't mind working for Speedo

 SCARIER than a circus clown


  1. That synchroswim pic, just wow!

    I'm loving Willie Giest's Olympic Cocktail Party trivia. It's like the cliff notes for the Olympics. : )

  2. Yeah, FREAKY pic of the synch swimmers--yikes! But damn that guy is hot . . .

    I'm gonna be sad when it's over. Actually, I'm already sad b/c the events I care about are over.

  3. I so love Olympic village stories..

  4. I am not on Olympics overload. With my work schedule and all these darn weddings, I haven't had any time. I wish I could head over to to check it out, but who knows when I'll be able to. Sad face...

  5. You = wouldn't mind working for Speedo.

    Me = wouldn't mind BEING a Speedo.