August 12, 2012

If you want to be my lover... gotta get with my friends.

These Fab Five spark fond memories of 1996.
Dancing in the sorority house hallway.
Drinking trash can punch.
Strutting our stuff.
Singing into the air mics and pretending to be Posh Spice.
Or Scary Spice.
I can't remember.
But it wasn't Baby Spice.


 Via college ex looks like him.
I'm just saying.
(Wish I looked like her though.)


  1. Yes...THIS!

  2. Loved it! And yes, I wish I looked like Kate and had her life!

  3. this made me laugh :)

    i love the way you write xo

  4. I did not watch the closing ceremonies. I think I was watching Big Brother instead. Ha.

  5. I would love to have Kate's hair, but I wouldn't want her life. I would hate to be on guard all the time about what I am doing, saying, or wearing. Sounds exhausting to me. But I still want her hair. :)

  6. I totally loved Baby Spice;)Probably because back then she was the most curvy of them all;)

    Kate is so beautiful. Damn. I could be her I think...I mean, If you own a few castles and an island or two maybe to get away from the scrutiny. But the other day I was reading a UK tabloid and there was an ENTIRE article about her feet. Apparently girlfriend took her shoes off during an Olympic demonstration where she had to step onto a gym map and these assholes zoomed and were all "Girlfriend, you will get bunions." Wow. That's brutal.