April 13, 2012

Dodging airborn cattle and hemi V-8s

At least we have fair warnings.

Whilst a resident of California I was on edge waiting on THE BIG ONE.  I suppose I'd rather some heads-up warning about a funnel cloud bearing air-born cattle and Hemi V-8 trucks with Texas-sized grill guards being whipped around and landing in my front yard.

Lot of Texas pride is thrown around this state of mine.
I'm not a native so I don't uphold the same sentiments.
But, this is not the place I want to live forever.
Mainly because our spring storms are wicked horrible.
And the bugs are so large I often think we should all run to the local pet store and get them ID tags and leashes.
I like a good looking cowboy, though.
And ranches are fun.
And no one makes a better margarita. 

But seriously, I'm kinda over having to hang out with tres dogs in my master closet waiting out the storms and listening to the sirens go off warning me of "possible funnel clouds" and "take cover immediately".

Which reminds my arse, I best go out and get some emergency supplies.  Like more diapers for the geriatric beagle who can't seem to remember that peeing in the yard is better than on my hardwoods.  Or extra large raw hides to keep the massive foster dog entertained while storms come a knocking on our door.  Or a straight jacket for myself in case I'm locked in a closet for 3 days with the stinky beasts and I start going postal.


  1. Crap. I like some wild weather just as much as the next person but I would not be keen on a tornado in the slightest. Keep safe!

  2. The good thing about earthquakes is that since we never know when they're coming, we can't really waste time fearing them, you know? I remember all the time spent in bathtubs during tornado warnings in Georgia, or the days of boarded-up windows in New Orleans awaiting a hurricane. But with earthquakes, there's no warning!