April 16, 2012

Lullaby Land

It is with a heavy heart I blog today.
But, I also do so with hope.
I attended a viewing yesterday and a funeral and burial today for a sweet, loved child of God.  Charlotte Rose was 10 weeks old when she drew her last breath last Wednesday evening.

Her mother is a friend of mine and that baby girl could not have been more blessed to have been born into the family she was.  The Holy Father called her home for what seems too premature, but surely for reasons bigger than what I can comprehend.

Her passing has reminded me to, again, remember what life is about.
To forgive.
To count my blessings.
To keep the faith.
To look for light in times of darkness.
Because, there's always light.

Charlotte Rose, you were such a special little girl and your parent's eulogy today touched me in so many ways.  I'm glad you visited  here on Earth and I'm so glad you are truly a Child of God.  And I'm so glad you were constantly under the care of so many nurses, physicians, surgeons, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners and such.  Your tiny body sure did house such a big spirit and you touched so many people.  Thank You.


  1. So sorry for your friend's loss.

  2. Heartbreaking. I cannot even imagine.

  3. Life is so unbelievably unfair at times, I am so sorry for your loss & for your friend's loss. xo