January 6, 2012

The problem with my home office

I work from home most days so I need a space that motivates me, encourages me and makes me feel professional and grown-up.  About 4 months ago I painted the guest room/home office.  Problem is,  I’m tired of the colors and tonality of this room.  I even bought a bookcase to create a line of demarcation between the sleeping quarters and the working quarters.  I chose mushroom and raspberry colors for the walls.  I have orange accents punctuated around the room.  Now I think I’ve out grown my love for those colors.  Truth is, I get bored of design so easily.  Must have been my upbringing and moving a gazillion times as a child.

I’m dreaming of re-doing this space and taking the time to actually create an inspiration board.  Below are some home offices from the HGTV site I’ve admired over the past few months. 
  • I’ve got a glass-top desk.
  • I’ve got a floating bookcase.
  • I’ve got a funky desk lamp.
  • I’ve got floating shelves.
  • So why don’t I love the space I earn my career in?
But, I’m tired of the guest bed throw, pillows and duvet.
I want a head board for the expensive mattresses I splurged on (and don't even sleep on). 
I want to create two separate spaces in one room.
I need an area rug or two.
I want about $5000 to cover the costs.

I have expensive tastes.
As in, I need to stop watching programs where expensive designers come in and transform rooms for $30,000 a pop.   I've got about $500 to drop.  Ain't no chance.
I'm a DIY'er sometimes.
Perhaps I'll be more of one this year.
Let's make that a resolution, shall we?


  1. I feel confident that spending some time on Pinterest will give you all kinds of ideas to spruce it up on the cheap!

    p.s. how jealous am I that you get to work from home?

  2. Are you going to repaint it again?? I agree with Claire, Pinterest should be able to help ya out. I wish I could be more help, but I've only ever really decorated dorm rooms and that doesn't take much designer prowess. . . :\

  3. I have expensive tastes too, and a cheapskate budget. Whatever you do..before & after pictures please!