January 17, 2012

Girl trippin'

Nothing better than leaving on a jet plane with your favorite college girlfriends.  
And after 14 years of talking about it, we finally got around to actually booking flights.
Between weddings, babies, jobs, life in general we finally agreed to stop the nonsense.

We headed to SoCal for the long weekend for a 'lil relaxing, dining, shopping and most importantly headed to the surrounding wine country of Santa Barbara.

I bought a dress I don't need.
Peer pressure at it's best.
But when I wear the dress, I'll think of the fond memories.
Because these girls are freaking so much fun.
And always keep me laughing.

I didn't take a camera (shame, shame), but thank God it is 2011 and we all have smart phones.  Waiting for the crazies to send me all their pics.  

I miss them already.
And I miss our piss-your-panties-laughs.

I'm AmericanBridget and I have the best group of friends, ever.  Period.


  1. What adorable pictures--looks like the perfect kind of trip. Girls, beach, and wine! What else do you need?

  2. I'm so glad you went to the wineries I told you about. Did you love it up there or what?!

  3. Sounds/looks like an amazing time..love the photos and wish I was wine tasting right now.

  4. I had the best weekend ever!!! Such a needed break from the daily routine! Love you girls and can't wait til the next one. xoxo