January 18, 2012

More work space crushing

Decorating and making a comfortable home is in my blood.  I learned from my Mom. 
Great, now I have another expensive hobby.
Sort of like clothes shopping.  
A girl can never have too much.
I should learn to thrift, but I just like things new.
Except that I live in an old house, so go figure.
I do understand I am a walking-talking oxymoron.
Sans the moron part.
I digress.

Needless, I'm jonsing over a new work space.
Something to inspire me.
Ignite my creativitiy.
Inspire more writing.
My current workspace was designed this summer as a make-shift area just to keep me from going crazy.
Now it's time to get serious about the design.

All pictures compliments of RUE.

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  1. I love the tree in that first one. I think that'd be doable!

  2. We have the best hobby in the world... also the most expensive. I mean I might as well collect diamonds or something, right? :) Hope you find the right inspiration, girl. That first pic is DIVINE.

  3. Samesies...I am currently collecting inspiration photos for my makeup room. Addicting and expensive isn't it?

  4. lovely spaces from rue.

  5. Love them all, but the last one (with the bricks) speaks to me. Looks awesome!