October 6, 2011

Total Bridget Jones Move

Today my physical biorhythms were left to be desired.  I got up on the wrong side of the bed.  I stumbled into the kitchen and bruised my thigh against the counter.  Any by bruise, I mean a gnarly looking purple-green, ominous marking on my thigh.  Thank gawd bathing suit season has officially shut down.  I knocked over my coffee and tripped on one of The Natives sending her in to a h-o-w-l of growl in annoyance with me.  All of this happened before 9:00 a.m.

The physicality decline of my body didn't stop there.  I was clutsy getting into my car to run errands, and I tripped on the curb getting out of the car later on.   A girl can only have so many good days in a row before she does something completely asinine in public.

Today was my day.

Totally.  My. Day.

As I went to check out and pay for a stupid pack of pens in the drug store, I had the back pocket of my purse wide open.  Apparently, it had been open for a while and I didn't notice it until I grabbed my purse off my shoulder to reach in for my wallet.  And there for all the world to see was a tampon hanging out of the pocket of my designer handbag.  A designer tampon to go with my designer handbag.  A big, fat, stubby tampon hanging out for all the men in the drug store to witness as I aimlessly shopped around for a pack of pens.

It doesn't beat the time my boss in college asked me for pen and I grabbed a tampon instead, though.

Totally channeled Bridget Jones today. 



  1. Once I spilled the contents of my purse in my regular coffee shop, and a man leaned down to help me pick my stuff up, and literally HANDED ME a tampon that had fallen out. OMFG.

  2. Would you hate me if I said I really enjoyed this...?