July 1, 2011

$28 worth

Update to my previous post surrounding my recent online dating (or lack thereof) antics found here.

Suitor # 1 still hasn't called.  While I'd love to give up on him, it's not like a plethora of boys are lining up at my doorstep to whisk me out and fall all over themselves swooning at me. I've no choice but to give him a few more days and then I'll kick him in the jaw like I'd like to kick the yapping dog next door who won't stop barking (kidding).

Suitor # 2 is probably still talking incessantly about himself to some other new gal.  Hope she's able to get a word in.  Otherwise, someone's got ears who are tired of listening to Mister Iliketopumpupmyownego.

Suitor # 3 I have written off.  He's history like last Tuesday's leftover sandwich.  Gone and done.  I can't compete with Miami every other weekend.  

$28 Worth (#4) reached out to me last night.  He's totally excited to meet me, except that he's leaving tomorrow to head out to Hawaii for the week.  Promised to send me a picture of some wonderful fruity alcoholic concoction with the Pacific Ocean in the background.   So, I will wait patiently to get to know him.  In the meantime, I was hoping for an overnight weight loss, thigh trimming, stomach tightening miracle machine, but alas, I will just need to starve myself by chomping on celery and ice chips. 

I'm AmericanBridget and my pickings are slim (or at least dwindling away).


  1. There may not be a lot to choose from but it only takes one to make a difference. Holy cow that was a little cheesy! :) I want to come visit soon, I'll bring the sister too!

  2. Heehee to the celery and ice chips. I'm heading to the gym right now for the third day in a row, courtesy of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. I figure if a 433 lb person can work out hard, so can I. Geez.

    Which online site do you use? I haven't done it in a long time but I've tried okcupid in the past . . . obviously no luck, given that I'm still single. It might be time to take the plunge again, though, given that I haven't gone on a single date since Eric and I broke up in January.

  3. #4 is in Hawaii, sounds like the kind of thing a sane normal good looking potential mate would totally do. Can't wait for his return ;)