June 30, 2011

My suitors may be lacking something(s)

I am not alone in my low opinions of meeting people online.  It’s a beating.  A self-confidence blow.   A game of second-guessing.  A trial in self-doubt.  A seesaw of comparisons. Especially here in Dallas where the girls are skinny, tall, and gorgeous and have the perfect manicured nails.  It’s the hotbed of hot chicks.    

Apparently, I am into rewarding myself with repetitious, glutton-esque antics.   
I signed back up for Match.com last week.   

Just one month.
And so it goes. . . .

One week into this little aimless game, I’ve had four potential suitors seem interested in me who have actually taken the initiative to contact me based on my personalized and self-proclaimed merits and interests.  Oh, and my profile pictures as well.

Suitor 1: The Emailer
·      Sounds good on paper (or electronic correspondence as we are so inclined to hide behind these days).
·      Meets my pre-qualifying criteria.  
·      He’s no Tom the Toothless Bear Hunter from Montana.  Points there.
·      Couple of years my junior with one child.
·      Divorced and claims to be drama free.
·      Emails and texting abundant.
·      My curiosity is piqued.

So why hasn’t he called yet?  He’s got my digits and has said twice he would call after his daughter goes to bed.  Tuesday night the phone never rang.  Wednesday night, my phone was, again, silent.  I kept checking to ensure I didn’t have the ringer on mute, that the old handy iPhone hadn’t crapped out on me, that the power was on, that I hadn’t missed a call.  So I waited…and I’m still waiting on that phone call or two he promised me.

He was the first suitor to reach out to me and I was engaged and eager to communicate.  Problem is, I am not sure I want to exchange in a fingers-only relationship with my computer screen and a keyboard. 

Suitor 2: A Dog’s Man
·      Also sounds good on paper and meets prequalifying needs.
·      Loves labs and has two.  Points.
·      Two short emails exchanged before he asked me out for a drink.
·      We met at a local pub last night.

Overall, nice guy attractive guy who appears to have a brain and a good head on his shoulders.  My curiosity flared after talking with him as I wondered why this seemingly good catch had never settled down with the old ball and chain.  Answer:  totally into himself.  He never once asked me about me, my life, my growing up, my aspirations, my hobbies, etc.  Could he have captured all the information he cared to intake from my profile write-up?  He talked incessantly about his life, work, goals, and history and never once reciprocated to inquire about yours truly. 


Suitor 3:  Miami Beach Beau
·      Again, good on paper and meets prequal desires.
·      Lives in the burbs.
·      Heavy e-mailer.
·      Has yet to ask me for my digits.

This one is charming, but not to the point where I think it will go anywhere.  He’s into emailing me a few times a day, but won’t drop the offer to call me or meet me out somewhere.  He just keeps talking about his bi-weekly jaunts to Miami during the summer months.  My guess is he should look up dating someone in Southern Florida and not  Dallas, TX.

Moving on.

Suitor 4:  $28 Worth
This one is interesting.  I came across his profile in my Daily 5 (some bullshit algorithm that Match does which basically is a crapshoot of matching people together and really doesn’t go into aligning people with like interests. That’s the crux of marketing).

This one received a note in his email stating that “AmericanBridget from Match.com was interested in him.”  He’d let his subscription lapse and had put Match out of his mind for a while until the email notifying him prompted him to check out my profile.  But not before paying another $28 to reactivate his account.

Now I know why the guys I’ve nudged in the past never returned an email or a wink.  They’re accounts had lapsed and they were no longer subscribing members.  Right, I will keep telling myself that. 

Needless, $28 Worth was intrigued by my profile and emailed me back with witty sarcasm and humor.  So far so good.  He’s admittedly not all about emailing and would rather split a bottle of wine and get to know each other while discussing whether John Boehner is naturally orange or if my real name is really Ryan.

I’m not holding my breath, but out of the 4, $28 seems like a bargain.


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    I like #4! : )

  2. #1 can claim to be drama free all day long, but if his daughter's mom is still involved, there will always be the strong possibility of drama. After my last relationship debacle where Satan just ripped the kids away and I've never gotten to talk to them again, I've decided not to seriously date someone with kids. There is always drama. Can we go with option 5?

  3. You really made me laugh with this post. Oh my goodness. I really want to try online dating, but I'm going to wait until I graduate college lol. I like the idea of being able to screen people that talk to me. ;P

  4. Ooh! I like the last one!

  5. Hmmm, $28 worth - you know you can check out profiles without signing up - just put in their user name, and it brings you right to their profile. SOOOO, he must've found something he liked in your profile, prompting him to sign up and chat with you. So good news! He sounds promising, and I'm excited to hear how meetin ghim goes!!

  6. You are amazing and so is your blog! Thanks for always being so candid and fun :)

  7. Guys, thanks for the promising votes of confidence. Much appreciated. Waiting on $28 Worth to call me...will keep you all updated. Fingers crossed, right?

  8. Fingers crossed! I'm a new follower and love the blog. Delightfully witty =)

  9. I gotta say, I have a pretty good feeling about #1 and #4. I think both are worth a bit of effort. And can I say I'm more excited than is appropriate, that you've signed up again for another round :)

  10. Okay so now my question is answered about which site you use. Maybe I'll try Match next. Do you find a number of hotties on there? I'm afraid of only being contacted by aging trolls.

  11. I enjoyed browsing through your entry. I like #4 too! :D

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