February 21, 2011

Flashback of the week

Introducing my new series, Flashback of the Week.

It's an insiders look of the askew things that pop into my noggin as fast as they pop out.  
You should partake too. 
Share the random flashbacks of childhood, 
your demented prepubescent stages, 
uncomfortable first date burps or 
weird smells from your grandma's house .  
One or two-liners. 
Nothing more. 
Nothing less.

I used to cruise around in this during high school with my best friend.  It was her parents' aqua booger on wheels (thank gawd for the inventor of tinted windows).

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Yes you are. 

I'm AmericanBridget and this type of boogerific van is where I developed the art of hiding under the 3rd row seat skipping out of the school parking lot while my friend drove this ghetto-mobile while showing her fake note to the parking lot attendant.  Good ole' attendant never saw my ass hiding in the back.

1 comment:

  1. Headgear and braces
    Mid-nineties short haircut
    Worst jeans ever.
    Inability to speak to guys without blushing.

    Good times.