December 1, 2010

Shall my glass be overfloweth?

A few weeks ago I was in Houston (yeah, not my favorite place on Earth either.  I hear Camden, NJ is better).  My mom, aka Ellen Griswold, and I went out for a late dinner across from the hospital where my Pops was temporarily housed and tormented with IVs, drugs, wires, nurses (God bless them) for a couple of days.  After hours of hanging out in waiting rooms, waiting for doctors to give us the news, wating for more doctors to come talk with us, and did I mention waiting for doctors... for waaaaaayyyyyyy longer than we anticipated, we needed a brief retreat away from the florescent lights and white coats of the medical community. 

Thus we wandered over for some Italian and scarfed down vittles until the buttons on my non-stretch jeans basically were about to burst off and hit our waitress in the forehead and leave an impending permanent scar.  I suppose she could tell we were emotionally drained, quiet and dazed.  We looked like we were on the downside of an overdose of a little illegal something-something.   We were exhausted from a busy day of hurry-up-and-waiting in anticipation of news...any kind of news.  When we ordered a round of vino to kill our over-the-edge nerves and anxiety reflexes, she did it up right.    

I've never been poured a glass of wine that basically over-floweth, and she poured it like this on purpose.  Her motto, and I quote, was stated so poignantly,  
"you should always look at life as always  more than half full"
Nice work.  

I suppose I better take on this piece of advice and carry it through 2011 when it comes to my currently non-existent offline dating life.  Let's scratch off 2010 as a dress rehearsal, shall we?

So here's an early toast to 2011.   
May my dating life be bountiful.
The men be attractive, attentive and interested in moi.
May the misery that coincides with dating be minimal and the loneliness be left behind. 

Here's to another try at dating and trying to find my prince on a white horse (who also may drive a white Corolla, shop at Wal-Mart for his groceries and wear sweater vests, but who really cares, right? right?  right?)...


  1. I am SO with you on this!!!

    PS - I signed back up online...yes, I'm a glutton for punishment!

  2. That's a great story.

    I hope you and your Pops got good news. xx

  3. I have a friend who pours wine like that. When she's hungover the next morning, she always goes: I don't get it, I only had two glasses....

    I hope things with your pops look up!!

  4. Is it sad that I am already disgusted by choice selects? It's been less than 24 hours since I signed up on the site. Better get that attitude whipped back into a positive outlook.

    Onward and upward,

  5. Well as I said,
    willing to be a constant cheerleader for this. Provided you don't mind being cheered on by someone lacking coordination and grace.
    By God I've got spirit though,
    So I'm sending it your way.

  6. Thank you for SUCH sweet words! I love your blog too, and especially the beagle that is your profile pic. :) (My family has a beagle and he is the worst dog in the world but I looooooove him!). You should definitely do Friday i'm in Love! Do you follow Summer at She started it! I always link to her under the Friday I'm in Love picture. :)

    Happy holiday season!

  7. Hope all is well with your dad!!

    Good luck with your new Match profile. I will venture into online dating soon, and keep you posted ;)