December 3, 2010

Friday I am in love

 Credit goes to Summer B

 I was so intrigued by a few fellow bloggers who participate in the FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE series that I decided to jump on the preverbial bandwagon too. 

Everyone needs a little black dress and my closet has been filled with them over the years.  But this one seemed both sophisticated and sexy wrapped into one gorgeous, yet simple, cocktail eye-catcher.
Dear Santa,  
I want this dress.  No, I don't have any where to where it to in the next month, but I need to meet my closet criteria and update the wardrobe with a black new fancy something-something.
Pretty Please with Sugar on Top,
Dress from Banana Republic

Who doesn't LOVE to sleep in on wintery mornings?  I mean, all those warm layers and the abundance of soft fluffiness - pure heaven.    I love this lazy, smelly and naughty beagle.  She's usually the last one to get out of bed.  But she's also a gazillion years old in dog years so I don't blame her.

How could I not mention my new sofa that I splurged on.  This chica needed a splash of sass in my living room.  Of course, by now I've taken the tag off, dozed off on it and had a few too many TV dinners on it, but it's mine and I LOVE it.


  1. OMG, I am going to steal your dog just based on the cuteness of that photo!

  2. Ok, your dog is awesome.
    That is the greatest pic!!!

  3. Love the dress and the couch and that pic of your pooch is the bomb diggity. Adorable! :)