November 17, 2010

30 truths: day 06

This truth is one truth I've held off on posting my answer for approximately 4 days now.  My fear is any answer I give may come across selfish, esoteric and dogmatic.  None of which I want to convey.  This singular question also makes me think about my fears; just not a heart-warming though process.

One thing I hope I never have to do:  battle cancer.

Two of my closest and dearest college girlfriends both had to face this gruesome disease head on.  We were a trifecta of sorts during college and shared tight bonds for years post college.  They were diagnosed within 4 years of each other.  One lost.  The other has to suffer the agony of brain scans, MRIs and the constant, "what if it comes back".  Neither had any warning signs and each was diganosed immediately with a very deteriorating and aggressive stage of it.  One lymphoma.  One brain cancer.  I watched both of them battle this disease for 18 months each.  I saw my brother get a little scare of it about 4 years ago as well.  Luckily, his was caught very early on and with little side-effects.  Nonetheless, its such a homogeneous, disgusting disease that scares me to my core.


  1. I had my own scare. I wish it had changed me or my outlook on life, but it didn't.

  2. I've delt with this in my family-it's horrible, scary, and humiliating what it can do to a person. I like this idea of the 30 days of truth.
    May neither of us have to face that horrible disease. May we send strength to all those who do.