December 3, 2010

On why dogs eat their own puke and how love averted me

I think LOVE just averted me...because of The Beagle's antics. I'll remind myself next time she's not to barf in the back seat of the car while I'm eyeing a hot stranger. He was helping a homeless lady in the parking lot of the post office. A hot guy with a big Dallas no less. 
And, I succumbed to cleaning puke out of the back seat.  Next time I will have a talk with her on when she's allowed to let loose all the gross things she ate in the yard so that she can manage to do so around the convenience of MY schedule.  What if she caused me to miss my prince?
 But, when it was all over things were good and she was back to her old self.  Dammit.
 Moral of this story...
Next time I'll leave the dog alone and let her hack it up in the back seat of the car.  Leather seats are easily washable, right?  
Then, I'll casually walk over to said hotty and mention that I noticed him helping out a stranger.  I'll have the guts to lay it all on the line and flirt with him all the while The Beagle finishes barfing and then proceeds to eat her own vomit --- as if left overs are better than the first round.  Why does she do that?  Why?  
Why are things in my life sometimes to untimely?  Dear God, please help me.
I'm AmericanBridget and The Beagle has got to stop eating bugs in the yard.

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  1. haha
    My dog also suffers from the eating-vomit-directly-after-puking-syndrom.
    Cute pic. :)