December 9, 2010

30 truths: Day 07


One of the closest friends I ever had the honor of having in my life.

Fought cancer with, and I kid you not, the most uplifting and positive manner.

Her consummate optimistic attitude rubbed off on me.

She continues to remind me to stay happy, exude positivity and smile.

I wonder if she ever knew how much she meant to me and how much she taught me.

I wonder if I told her those things enough?

I wonder if she knew what a complete life-changing influence her disease had on my own life's outlook?

Because, every now and then I get a little message from heaven, and I know it's her looking out for me. 

Either that, or she's still playing practical jokes on me from afar.

Me, Kel circa 1998


  1. She knew, friend, she knew. There's just no way she couldn't have!


  2. I like this. I agree, she knew. Your heart is too big for her not to have known. :)