October 7, 2010

Food Detox

It's about that time.  Time to get busy and get healthy.  I've wanted to dabble in diet detox programs for a while but have always been tentative (let's call a spade a spade ---lazy) and frightened of running to the bathroom every 2 hours interrupting my day (and wine consumption).  For the next 21 days no alcohol, one cheat meal a week, no real desserts.

I started this non-manufactured foods detox program with My Fit Foods.  A friend of mine works there and suggested I try it.  Takes 21 days to get into a habit.  My BFF and I are doing this together, though we live about 250 miles apart.  Go figure.  Supposed to eat 5 meals/day.  Oh my....

Day 1 down. 
20 more to go.  SHOOT. ME. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oh my lord, I want this to be O-V-E-R.  I want red wine.  I want a margarita.  I want to devour an entire block of real Vermont Cheddar. 

Here's what I've tried thus far.

Oatmeal (B-fast)
Fucking disgusting.  No taste.  Weird texture.  More like cous cous, but super bland and slimey.  I'll stick with the Quaker's oatmeal and cheat a little.

Pizza Sticks (snack)
There's nothing stick-like about them.  The pizza dipping sauce is enough to make you want to vomit.  Questionable meat contents.

Pedro's Beans (snack)
Pretty tasty.  Though, I can throw in a can of black beans with some white rice and pico de gallo so I'll make that at home.

Good Morning Sunshine Breakfast (I ate for lunch)
No clue what the meat in there was, but relatively tasty.  Huge serving and I saved for left overs.

Migas (I ate for supper)
Pretty damn good.

Was not part of the program, but goodness I needed a freaking treat!  It was Weight Watchers and only 2 pts....whatever that means.  But it seemed miniscule.

Fruit (snack)

One green apple and one banana.  At least I knew the contents of what I was devouring during this snack. 

Excerpt from My Fit Foods
Our 21 Day Challenge is designed to restore your natural energy and reset your metabolism while building healthy habits. This is accomplished by detoxifying your body and by supplying 21 straight days of nutrient dense MyFitFood foods. It is for the serious health enthusiast, ready to make a commitment to their health. Our average 21 Day Challenge client loses 8-15 pounds and reports feeling higher levels of energy after as little as 3 days on the program.

Have you ever tried a healthy-body detox program? I'm new at this.

I'm AmericanBridget and I wish day 21 would get here soon.


  1. Good luck, girl!!

    I have done a couple different detoxes before - none were fun. One consisted of taking these vitamins multiple times a day, no booze, and just natural foods (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, grains, lowfat dairy). It was only for a week, but the pills made my tummy mad. The other detox I did I got from my mom's nutritionist (who is a little extreme - aka she gives her kids hummus on ezekeil bread as a snack at school...poor kids will never know a fruit roll up) Anyway, that detox was JUST fruits and veggies all day, with tons of hot water with lemon and tea, no protein or anything else fun and no working out, since your body clearly couldn't handle it. I did lose a few lbs, and it kicked started my healthier lifestyle, but a girl needs wine and cheese sometimes!!


  2. Best of luck lady! I am currently running to try to shed some major LBS. I can never give up the booze so I try to limit it to weekends only!

    I'll have to follow you to see how this all works out for ya! Anything that says 8 - 15lbs is my kind of "cleanse"

  3. Hahaha I just read this! The oatmeal does suck, sorry about that one! Almost all the meat is turkey, not that you really care now :) More than anything I like that I'm in your blog haha!