January 8, 2013

No regrets

I don’t live with regrets.  Except for that time in the 8th grade I lied to my parents about skipping school and then got busted for lying and nearly missed my chance to go see Milli Vanilli in concert as I was grounded/on probation for about 6 weeks.   I learned that lying gets you nowhere, almost not even to a Milli Vanilli concert (with Young MC as the opening act).  Now, if I catch myself in a lie I have flash backs to Fab and Rob and their scandal.  See the irony in this?

8th grade...they were the sound track to my life.
Until they weren't.

I don’t regret dating my ex as we all know that he wasn’t put in my life for me, but rather to facilitate some medical happenings that played in favor for my father.  But, I do want to gag every single time he crosses my mind.  I want to throw the fuck up and clear out my insides when I think about how he treated our relationship.  Cheating is one thing, but when your only gifts from someone are a couple of magnets from business trips you’ve got relationship and expectations problems.

You might also have relationship problems when your significant other insists that when you eat out (which is not often together) you split a meal --- because he is that cheap.  You dismiss it as being financially sound and beating the system.  It’s not. 

I was cleaning out my iPhone pics the other day and I came across this one.  Gifts upon return from a couple of business trips. 

I would have appreciated a Happy Meal from Mc Donald's more than these two stupid magnets.
I mean really, thanks for picking up shit at the airport as a last minute hooray on your way home.

Lucky me.  Magnets for a fridge.
I’ve since thrown them away.
Without regret.

And I don't blame anything on the rain, thanks to Rob and Fab.


  1. Throw that shit out! What a dud.

    1. Dude, that doucher is long gone...See video I made about him on my blog tabs above. He cheated on me and kicked me to the curb, but still...grossness all around.

      Douche bags will unite in hell one day, I'm convinced.

      How's dating in Dallas going for my new Texan friend? Any luck these days?