October 5, 2012

I've found my new love

Downton Abbey.
PBS's newest drama which the UK so kindly let us air here in the States.
Lord help me.
I've found my newest love.
My newest passion.
My newest desire.

When I watch the show I feel as if I am right there part of the era.
The costumes.  The acting.  The set design.  Matthew Crawley.
I am in love with Matthew Crawley.  
Lady Mary should just let me have him.
Those deliciously stunning blue eyes that melt me.  
Every. Single. Time.

And who doesn't love Anna?
And Sybil?  
What an admirable young lady she is turning out to be.  
One who's not afraid to walk away from fortunes to chase after her dreams and her love. 
 I just want to wrap my arms around Daisy and give her hugs from here until next Tuesday.  

If I had as many dates as Lady Mary has wedding offers, I'd be busy all the time.

Alas, I will just sit behind the TV screen and fall in love with Captain Matthew Crawley within the confines of my imagination.


Most importantly, if Romney kills PBS and Big Bird, I'm moving to England.


  1. I keep hearing about this show. I have a long flight coming up. Thinking I will download it and watch on Kindle Fire. Everyone raves about it!

  2. That last image is SO FREAKIN' FUNNY

  3. Oh my god. Downton Abbey is my roommates and I's obsession. We watch it on the internet from England on Sunday nights with a bottle of wine, each.