October 1, 2012

Last week's stats

Number of diapers I changed for my baby niece in a 24-hour time frame: 4

Number of diapers I changed on the geriatric beagle: countless

Number of smooches I gave my baby niece:  not enough

Number of Luna Bars consumed before runs throughout the week: 4

Number of miles run: 14.5

Motivation to work: moderate

Number of dresses I looked at for an upcoming friend's nuptials: 14

Reaction in the dressing room trying on dresses for said wedding: near tears

Number of emails received from decent gents I've had my eye on over at Match.com: goose egg

Number of times flight attendant had to ask a passenger to turn off her cell phone before departure: 3

Thoughts that went through my mind regarding said lady who was an ass and refused to turn off her phone before the flight's departure: I'll refrain since my disgust with the fat lady was in full effect

Reaction to tasting Salty Caramel Mocha at Starbucks for the first time:  will definitely re-order next time, hold the whip though

Number of times the geriatric beagle was scolded for creeping into the pantry door to get after the bag of dog food:  3 (she's an ass)


  1. Oh, that picture made me laugh. :D

  2. Ohhhhh, your bad beagle makes me miss my bad beagle so much!