October 11, 2012

Hollywood heat up

Can we all just agree that Hollywood is becoming more and more ridiculous?  Maybe the shoe industry is getting more ridiculous and folk like Lady Gaga and good ole Nikki Minaj are just following trends, but I have reason to believe that designers are just another breed of opportunists seeking out the A-listers who so willing will don their ova-da-top shiznit.

These shoes are about as ridiculous as fried beer now being offered at the State Fair of Texas.  If I want beer, I want the cold goodness rushing down my pallet.  I don’t need to add the massive hydrogenated fat to my buzz or to my already jiggly arse.  I’ll take the carbs and hold the fat.  Thank you very little.

Let’s move on because shoes aren’t the only ridonckulousness going on in H-Town.

No, we have Dina and Lindsey to thank as well.  This mother-daughter duo is as tragic as when Chic-Fil-A is closed on Sundays.  Holy Moses.  Why are we subjected to this Lohan train wreck?  At any given month, one of the Lohans is either incarcerated, arrested or in rehab.  It just happens to be that Linds and Dins are in the throes of a fight this week.  BIG ASS SHOCKER.  Between the drugs and the pounding back of cocktails between them I can't imagine that everything is crapping out rainbows and butterflies.  There’s nothing Dr. Phil can do to rescue them either.  Maybe Dr. Drew?  Wait no, he tried to rehab the patriarch, Michael.  Michael, Dina, Lindsey they all need some serious intervention.  Perhaps we can have Barney remind them that some friends are silver and the other gold.  Or he can reiterate that we do un to others as we would want done to ourselves.  Or perhaps he can remind them that abusing drugs gets you no where. Like two hippos doing it at the zoo, its not something you want to watch, but ya can't take your eyes off the nonsense either. 

And that’s your Hollywood Heat Up from American Bridg.

Caio Fo’ Now.


  1. Those shoes belong in one place: a museum. So you're basically walking around en pointe all day, but with poles to prop against your shins so you don't fall? Oh my gosh. You know what? They're not even shoes. They're ridic.

    The Lohans are so depressing, I can't even look at them.

    1. I can't decide who I can't stand more...the Lohans or the Kardashian/Jenner clan. It's a toss up between dumb and dumber...

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    1. Sorry we weren't able to connect during your Dallas visit :(