August 30, 2012

Choosing to toss the bed covers

Remember a time when the world was innocent and the smell of fresh cut grass placed you into a mood of comfort and eternal safety?  The mood could last for days -- perhaps just the knowing it was the first day of summer vacation would clear your mind as an adolescent for weeks.

Remember when the smell of coconut lotion after a long summer’s day at the beach soothed all your burns and stresses.  The smell of your fresh skin would linger on into the late hours of bedtime allowing you to rest your weary eyes on the chilled pillows of childhood innocence.

Remember when the smell of aerosol hairspray ignited feelings of butterflies for that cute boy you sat next to in seventh grade math class?  The smell of exciting anticipations and young love.

Why does the world smell of ugly things as we age?
The smell of cynicism?
Of war tragedies and religious disagreements?
Of bi-partisan politics that halt the movement of getting things done?
Of child abuse?
Of cancer and other debilitating diseases?
Of pets who need to be put down because shelters are too full?
Of depression and anxieties that oft cripple us?

Why can’t every day smell like fresh baked apple pie and summer cut grass? 

It’s the attitude you wake up with each morning that motivates you to either conquer the day and find it something worthwhile or pull the covers over you and agreeing to give in to the world’s ugliness.

I’m learning to embrace each day with a smile.  A warm hug.  A personal revelation to make do.  There’s good in everything.  We just need to peek around the corner a little more to find it.  Or walk a little further to get to find the guiding light.  Or clear our minds a bit more to realize there’s a lesson in everything.  In every day.


  1. Wise words. I need to remind myself to dwell in simplicity on occasion, cause I tend to get SO wrapped up in all the injustices in the world that I walk around like a ball of tension. I do so miss those easy memories you referenced. Especially coconut sun tan lotion. :)

  2. Really nice post. Made me smile.

  3. i love this post!!