July 21, 2012

I thunk'd a lot

This morning on my brutal 6 mile jog amidst surface-of-the-sun-like temperatures with humidity that rivals only Hell's Kitchen I did a lot of thinking.  Not that I don't normally do a lot of head-pounding when I'm kicking assphault, but today was unusually exceptional.  

I kept thinking about how I need to accept my:

And, how I need to work on my:
Self image
Self esteem
Trust issues

And furthermore, how I need to  learn to better:
Stop wishing and start doing

All the while, this was the view I had for all 6 miles. 
Not a bad life.
I'd just prefer to share it with someone.

 Preferably not someone who:
Talks about his peter size in his online profile (yes, it happens)
Places a profile picture of himself asleep (slay me now)
Is more into Sunday Night football than me

As you may have guessed, I'm back trying online dating.
American Bridget: 0.


  1. I hear ya. What sites are you on?

  2. What a great view! It reminds me of the waterfront in my city, where I like to go running.

  3. I'm still proud of you for all this running. It's an inspiration to me. I think all your questions will eventually make sense, but I know it's frustrating to feel like you have to wait FOREVER to meet the right person. Here's hoping online dating works this time around!