May 7, 2012

Can we just all agree

Can we just all agree this makes us want to vomit a thousand times over?
I've heard of gambling addictions.
Food addictions.
Drug addictions.
But this one might take the cake.

Or not.

NJ Tan Mom.


  1. The pictures of this woman actually make me feel physically ill.

  2. I saw this on Tosh first and thought that they had touched up the video to make it funnier. Then I realized, this is real life. DISGUSTING. I mean, she has to reek of cancer. She clearly has a mental problem. SAD.

  3. this lady grosses me out so badly. to make matters even worse, i think that in those photos and interviews she put on more makeup to make her look darker.

  4. sick, sick, sick. ugggg. It makes me super sad for the little girl. :(

  5. That situation is so sad :(

  6. Reminds me of chocolate pudding. That can't be healthy.