April 3, 2012


An awful, evil, debilitating disease.

An uncontrollable human experience.
There is no fountain of youth. 
There is no magic pill. 
There is no turning back the clock.

The month of my birth during some year in the 70s.
The month in which I will have to add another year to the speedometer.
The month where Texas experiences wicked storms and tornadoes.
If I never see rain again it will be too soon.

Used to look forward to them.
Now I dread them. 
Since my mid-twenties, I’ve never been a big birthday person.
It’s just a reminder I am closer to 40.
A reminder that while everyone else moves on, I go to bed each night alone.
A reminder I am another year older and wonder do I have enough money for retirement?

Dear Pinot Grigio,
It’s American Bridget calling.  Send a case to my doorstep.  Lent is nearing the end, and I can once again consume you.  And while April is a month I can’t get excited about, I need you with me.  Come quickly.


 To be this age again...


  1. It's weird how you don't realize there's no turning back the clock until AFTER your gorgeous twenties have basically flown the coop...

  2. This times one hundred.

    So happy to have found your blog! I've just started up my own about being 32 and single for seven (long) years and have been looking for others in a similar situation. Unfortunately, nearly every single blog is all 'us' or 'we' and I don't need that. I need this!

    Right. Time to go through your archives with a fine-tooth comb.

  3. sometimes I feel like I'm alone in how I'm feeling. it's crazy how when I read your blog I feel like I'm reading my thoughts!