April 23, 2012

36 and counting...

Have I mentioned I have the best parental units eva?  

Okay, so my mom was worried about my father packing skinny white pants for their vacation and emailed me to ask me if gallivanting around Europe as an American retired gent in skinny pants was acceptable (it is not). 

And perhaps once they nearly caused a catastrophic accident on a moped in Key West.  

And there was that time my mother once danced on a table top in a bar while I was in college celebrating St. Patrick's day with my friends. 

But, these crazies are full of generous awesomeness.  Look what they sent this old gal for her birthday!  A little bit of pick-me-up gift opening as I dreaded another notch on the birthday calendar.

Aging is hard work, but fashion and home decor always are sure to please.  And as I age (like a fine wine) I'm about being more efficient and down-sizing...who needs an extra large purse when a cute little wristlet that holds a lipstick, credit card and phone does the trick?!

 Michael Kors iPhone/Wallet wristlet

Anthropologie Zebra paper mache wall art


  1. I have that wristlet in gold and I LOVE IT! And I can see that zebra filling it just perfectly! What thoughtful and fun gifts!!!

  2. Awesome gifts! And a very happy (belated) birthday to you. I'm so proud of all that you've been up to lately with your commitment to running--so inspiring! I hope 36 brings all kinds of wonderful things into your life. :)

  3. Sweet gifts!! Your parents sound wonderful, of course. ;) AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  4. Just came across your blog and I think I've found a new favorite! In reading your about me section I thought I was reading about myself: just replace Michael Kors and Kate Spade and minus the coffee drinking. And not sure where you live in Texas but give Austin a try. The bugs are smaller here. ;-)

  5. Happy belated birthday Ryan, you were rightly spoiled! All the best, xo...