November 28, 2011

Giant dog for sale

I am fostering this giant creature.
I was told he was 50 pounds.  
Maybe at birth.
He's a love and I'll find him a good home.
The natives could care less there is a small horse living with us.


  1. I've always wanted a dog that big.

    Except when I see people pick up dog poop from a dog that big. Then I remember why I don't actually hav eone.

  2. You're sweet to foster that beast.

  3. I love big doggies!!! None as much as my nephew, Leon, the Great Dane. :)

    Hope this darlin pup finds a permanent home soon! Leave it to beagles to be entirely uninterested in other canines (or anyone else who is unlikely to give them food).

  4. As I are a good woman, love his face :)