October 19, 2011

Zumba: Round Dos

I took my low self-esteem surrounding my Zumba techniques and checked it at the door last night as I tried to fearlessly walk back into my second class.  I assumed I'd just add on to my learnings from my first class and at least have a base point.

My second time would be better than my first time.


I was worse.  Way worse.

This time I shook parts of my body that are technically unshakable.  I looked like a noodle with no rhythm and no self control.  There was no sexy, core-shaping, self control going on.  My body shook uncontrollably because my muscles were so tired, and I was on the verge of sporadically convulsing mid-class.

Picture it:

Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory    +     wet noodles       my attempt at Zumba 

To make things even a gazillion times more embarrassing, there was a 55+ lady in class with sweat pants (elastic bottoms, ewwww) who wore heels in class.   What?  What?  I suppose she was just there to enhance her Samba technique.  Lawdy Lawdy, she sported dye-able pumps...in a gym.  And still had more rhythm than I did.

After class, I routinely bent down to grab my water bottle and towel hoping not to collapse in my own pile of disgusting sweat.  From there I courageously walked out of class to my car. 

In sneakers. 

Not pumps.


  1. Aww. . . yeah. I can never get "better" because they never do the same goddamn dance twice. It's all a conspiracy!

  2. that is EXACTLY how i feel about zumba so thank you for this cos this made me laugh out loud!

    i like you, wet noodle and all.

  3. I'm really proud of you for going back--that inspires me to try some of the scarier classes at the gym, ha!

  4. Ahahah oh man. I'm sorry. You need to come to my class. We do the same dances each week (she changes maybe one or two songs a class), and throws out everything every few months for new stuff, but she would've kicked anyone out of her class who was wearing heels!

  5. I'm a Zumba instructor and I always tell my students they need at LEAST a week's worth of classes to really feel like they're catching on. I mean, you can't listen to a song once or twice and instantly (and flawlessly) know ALL the lyrics, can you? So you shouldn't expect yourself to be anywhere close to great at Zumba the first time or two you do a routine. As long as you keep moving, and have a good time, that's what matters - and I promise, the moves will come to you. :)

  6. That is why I prefer the old work out video! I feel a little 1980s, but I can rock it without any witnesses.

    (I'm also sure you weren't as bad as you thought.)

  7. Never tried it, but that doesn't seem like fun. But then exercise isn't supposed to be fun, is it?

  8. I hate to exercise. I actually punched myself in the face doing Tybo.
    Yep. True story. My kids still talk about it.

    Nice to meet you, so glad I stopped over from Amber's blog.

  9. Zumba sounds like code for 'lets see what else we can make them do'

  10. Heels at Zumba? I can barely do Zumba in my tennis shoes.