September 15, 2011

On things my friends do

Proof my life isn't the only one on the whack list of weird antics and real-life-every-day sitcoms . . . .

One of my dearest friends accidentally sent her 3-year old daughter to pre-school sans underwear today.  The teacher noticed and sent her a note requesting she please fully clothe the kid before returning her to the classroom on Monday.  I'll forgive my friend and throw the poor girl a bone.  She's pregs with her 4th kiddo.  Glad it was her toddler of a daughter who was sporting the camel toe and not her.  Of course, this is the same friend, who I roomed with in college, and accidentally left our beagle inside a running car while she locked herself out of it.


  1. Hilarious! I can only imagine a beagle inside a locked & running car. Once, my dad took Ignatius to the grocery store (just to run in for like 2 things) and left him in the car with the window cracked. Within 2 minutes, there was a PAGE OVER THE INTERCOM IN THE GROCERY STORE about a car with a dog in it who'd set the car alarm off. How the hell did he set the alarm off from the inside??? Only Ignatius.

  2. Well 4 wonder. My mom had 4, all of us under 6 years at one point...I can't even imagine.