August 19, 2011

More Match Antics

So, I’ve been out a few times with potential suitors.  This round of online dating has panned out to be more fruitful than attempts of the past.   I figured I would chronicle some of the recent antics, because at 35, I have no more shame in my game.

The Hottie: Stats
-       41
-       he reached out to me on Match and struck up some hilarious conversation and banter
-       with child
-       recent transplant from FL
-       currently in the midst of writing a novel
-       extremely good looking
-       nice summer tan to go along with his handsomeness

We communicated via the phone a handful of times before meeting up.  Lots of marathon phone calls and text messaging.  We met a few weeks ago for our first date at the standby wine bar I tend to throw out for suggestions.  I am sure the staff thinks I am a serial dater or just have more friends than anyone on the new show Most Eligible Dallas.  Needless, the conversations prior to laying eyes on him were full of energy, stories and intrigue.  I’ve been out with him a few times since, but he’s resorted to texting every few days, the phone calls have stopped, and I can’t get over the full-time kid factor.  Not to mention his only invitations as of late are to come hang over at his place and while that is fine every so often, we live in a huge city that has lots of things to offer.  I’m not down with being invited over to watch countless hours of NCIS re-runs and pre-season NFL games.  And yes, at one point he had the TV on while keeping up with NFL stats in the midst of cooking dinner.  Needless, his attention was focused on everything but me leaving me with feelings of emptiness and perturbment.  I ended the last date early and went home to hang with the Natives and cuddle up with them prior to catching an extreme session of sleeping in.

Now, let’s get onto more important things like the new show (dare I call it a hit because OMG it is so horrid), Most Eligible Dallas.  Holy shizballs.  Could the producers have picked a more horrid batch of Singletons to represent the Lone Star State?  I am embarrassed for this entire season.  I’m a Bravo fan and they shit the bed on this production.  



  1. I'm wondering if this dude doesn't remember how to long has he been single? Maybe he just needs to remember how to woo a gal. : )

  2. hahahahaha, I haven't watched that show but now I might have to, lol

  3. Haven't caught it yet but it looks like a train wreck. P.S. Love your new format, it's gorg!

  4. I wish we got that here in will roll out sometime next year I'm sure.