August 15, 2011

Online dating handles that won't get you a date with me

Some guys can really bring the clever.
A handful really bring the creepy.

I just won't date someone with a creative handle name such as:


My fine city is full of these gents, apparently within 15 miles of my zip code.  
Comforting, isn't it?
I think should also cross-pollinate with pedofile tracking services.


  1. Dark and Large 4u? Someone really knows what women want don't they...This post was the perfect end to my day!

  2. Eeeeg. Oh my gosh.

    You mean you don't want to date scottypoo??

  3. I came over from Legally Fabulous and I could not agree with you more. When I was on a few years ago, I also was often amazed that men from other states would send me messages. As though I wanted to start a long-distance relationship with someone who was a good 20 years my senior. Um...yeah. NO!

  4. I got one that was swimupbarcowboy or something like that. His face was hidden under a cowboy hat and he had a can of Natty Light in front of him.

    I don't even drink that shit at tailgates when it is free.

  5. Scottypoo - LOL. :)

    I've had the long-distance 52 year old hitting on me. Ugh! It's really disheartening, when I just want someone my own age, to enjoy life with (as much as possible). I don't need someone who could be my dad's younger brother; I also wonder if they're overlooking women their own age.

  6. I was here before. I remember your posts making me laugh out loud.

    Still a favourite with the 50+ crowd.