August 9, 2011

Grammar and a graduate degree

This is who Match paired me up with today.
I understand English MIGHT NOT BE his first tongue, but come on.
Gave no pic but did allude to a graduate degree.
Betting it's not in English.

 I like dat he is so honest in his profile write-up.
I also like dat he listens to Oprah and CNN
Dat's all reel nyce.


  1. Dear Lord that almost made my eyes bleed to read that. Hookd n fonix really worked for him!

  2. I love the "Read less.." link. Makes me want to click it after reading this gentleman's offering.
    I really think someone should spend the time to make a proper matching algorithm. From what I hear, even eHarmony is ridiculous.

  3. Ouch. That is just painful to read! I like how he is "fair incomplexion". ;)

  4. You know, I signed up for eharmony at one point on some free trial, because you know, what the hell right? And I didn't get any matches. At all. So I didn't get to have all the glorious fun of reading these ridiculous profiles.

    Maybe that's why they throw winners like this at you, so you don't feel like a complete cast out like I did. Though, after reading this, I'm not sure which is worse.

  5. I think I had Dat Guy too.

    And telling me straight out of the gate that you are a jealous one is such a turn on.