July 22, 2011

Things I do not understand

Whilst visiting the Parentals for the weekend, it amazed me that in their powder room they served up single-ply toilet paper.  And, I only thought that kind of sandpaper was offered in public restrooms at the airport or gas stations or at the office.

Why do companies who manufacture walkers not invent some better contraption to slide across surfaces so poor souls don't have to rig tennis balls on the bottom?  Grandma sporting a Wilson 2 on the bottom of her walker . . . or is it Penn 3?


Why is there braille on drive-thru ATMs?  Really?  Think about that for a moment.  I get the whole push for ADA and giving the disabled the same rights and access but, seriously???


  1. hahahaha, I never really thought about these.

  2. That last one made me giggle just a little

  3. I always wondered about the tennis ball thing too. I would think companies could come up with SOMETHING.

  4. There are roller walkers with brakes, but they are pretty pricey.
    And totally agree about single ply TP. Ugh!

  5. BAHAHAHAHA. My girl Kate @ Every Mile A Memory are over here laughing our butts off over a DELISH glass of wine and going on and on about how amazing you are! Thanks for the laughs and for having my button on your blog. Made my night! <3