March 13, 2011

On hamsters and their spinning wheels

It happened.
It's a trend with me.
I'm a friggin' hamster running around on one of those caged wheels.  
I can't seem to get off.
Because it keeps happening.


I made plans for this weekend to meet up with a certain boy to hang for the big St. Patty's Day parade.
Actually, it was his idea to hang out together this weekend.
We laid the tracks for our plans 3 days before the big day.
Confirmed plans on Friday to set the time and itinerary of events.
We were going to meet up early for the parade, say around 10 a.m.
I called the morning of to set a concrete time and meet-up place.
We agreed to meet up in exactly one hour from the time of our call.
One hour gave me time to feed the natives, hop in the shower, pick out something green to tip my acknowledgment to ole' Saint Patrick and perfect my make-up.
Exactly 60 minutes later I was ready to take the day head-on.
My spirits were high.
My confidence was moving in a positive trajectory.
The sun was shining.
It was going to be a perfect day as a Singleton.
He was going to take the train down from the 'burbs and meet me near the station by my place.
After leaving him a few messages asking for his ETA, he finally sent me a text telling me to meet him a few blocks from my house.
THREE HOURS LATER we finally met up.
I was furious.  Raging. Livid.
I called a few times.  No answer.
I left a few text messages asking for his ETA.  No answer.

When we FINALLY met up, I asked him what the deal with his tardiness was.

His response,
Why are you so livid with me?  Ryan, this is exactly how I intended to spend the day.  Take my time getting down here, meeting up with you mid-day, grabbing a few drinks outdoors and listening to the bands.

My response,
We agreed to meet at 10 a.m.  It's 1 p.m.  We missed the entire parade.  I missed the parade waiting on you.  You knew I wanted to see the parade and I thought you did too.  After all, you invited me to hang with you today to kick off with the parade and walk our way down to the bars and restaurants.

His response,
Ghee, I don't understand why you're getting so upset.  I didn't see the reason to rush down here.  It's not like we don't have the rest of the day to hang out.

My response,
When you asked me to hang with you today, we had agreed to meet up and watch the parade first.  Did it ever dawn on you that maybe I actually wanted to see the parade?  Did it ever dawn on you that the world doesn't revolve around YOU?
His response,
Don't get so upset.  We're here now.  It's not like I had to twist your arm to be here.

My final response,
You're right.  Fuck you and have a nice afternoon . . . ALONE.  

And I walked off and left his ass standing there.
I have no idea if he even had an urge to chase after me, but I was sure to blend into a large crowd of green so that I just dissipated in front of his eyes.

Two afters after I left him standing there I received a text message:
I'm sorry I ruined your day.

My reaction:
him from the good ole' iPhone.

And no, I never considered the day ruined. 
It was actually eye-opening.
And self-cleansing.
Another confirmation that I'm a big girl.
I know how to wear big girl panties.

This kind of thing has happened 4 other times over the course of the last18-months.
A boy wants to make plans with me and I abide.
We confirm plans.
I wait.
And wait.
And wait.
And wait some more.
I get stood up.
Or, he's hours late.
With no real good excuse.

Thank goodness I like me.
Thank goodness I love coming home.
The Natives are always eager to greet me when I come home with wagging tails and happy feet.
And they never are late, stand me up and give me bad excuses.
And their cuddles are the best heart healing powers ever.


  1. Ugh! Men! Don't be too discouraged. My friend has had the exact same experience as you: the men are always late/don't show up because they're taking naps. Totally lame.

  2. Oh my gosh....I'm so sorry girl! You do not deserve to be waiting around on some boy who is obviously an idiot! Way to delete him from your phone! Good riddance, dude!


  3. Fuck boys! They tell us we take too long to get ready and they're the ones that never get anywhere on time! Both exes did that shit! Way to stand up to him!

  4. We totally need to go drinking together.

  5. It's Monday. And the boy is still an arse. And I still feel good about my decision to leave him standing there in the midst of a green pool of freakish people pretending to be Irish for the day. Thanks for the support, everyone!!!

    Ken - bring it! First round's on moi! If you are ever in Dallas, drop me a note.

  6. Good for you...I have this same problem with one particular man in my life yet I don't have the balls to do what you did. I just might now!