February 19, 2011

This little monster

I've been baby-sittting this little creature.
If she sneezes too hard her eyeballs might pop out and roll across the floor.

She's not exactly the most behaved four-legged creature.
Mostly she's annoying.
But she does put on the charm.
And loves to give me wet kisses.
She goes home tomorrow morning.  
It's about time.
The natives around here (The Beagles) are getting restless.

 I'm AmericanBridget and I prefer big dogs and beagles.


  1. ohh I always wanted one of those.. but you know.. Dogs I think are more work then kids..

  2. We were watching the Westminster show today and now I'm convinced I need a beagle..they say they tend to bark a lot, true?

  3. ha that is SUCH a cute photo! i giggled at her eyes might pop out if she sneezes too hard.

    i just took my bichon and shih-tzu to the groomers and now my shih-tzu stella looks like she has a mullet! lol

  4. So cute!!!
    Does this little monster have a name?

  5. boston terriers are so cute!

  6. Boston's name is Gracie. Such feminine for such a little bug-eyed creature. She went home yesterday. She was here for 6 days and that was about 4 days too long according to The Natives (beagles). She's cute and super charming, but she can be naughty as all hell.