February 10, 2011

I want

I want a lot of things.

I go after what I want.  

(Most of the time).

When it comes to folks of the opposite gender, I've not been so lucky in love.  I've never been good at capturing what I want out of them.  Some say I've unobtainable expectations.  Or I think I like what I see initially and then it turns out he wasn't it.

I've decided (after watching a few more episodes of SATC) that I am not going to turn 35 and just settle.  Carrie Bradshaw didn't (though she should have ended up with Aiden in my humble opinion).  Charlotte dumped Trey and ended up happily ever after.  Miranda, well, that's just another story within a story.  And Samantha, she's just an anomaly.

I want . . . .
  • I want someone who can tie a tie without having to refresh his memory by logging on to YouTube for tutorial.
  • I want someone who can jump in the car for a weekend get-away and not  freak out about Monday mornings financial report summary due to the Boss-Man.  It. will. get. done.
  • I want someone who makes decisions and plans ahead.
  • I want someone who knows what a wine reduction sauce is.
  • I want someone who doesn't worry at every single turn what amount is in his savings account.
  • I want someone who will tuck their shirt into their khaki pants.  And then head back to the closet to finish it off with a belt.
  • I want someone who loves his family more than his sports teams.
  • I want someone who admires professional sports teams but doesn't get all bent out of shape if his team loses in the play-offs.
  • I want someone who appreciates a splurge on an expensive bottle of wine every once in a while.
  • I want someone who's favorite show isn't Two and Half Men.

  • I want someone who doens't wait until the 11th hour to buy birthday and Christmas gifts and who spends time thinking about what the intended recipient might actually love (and I'm not just talking about gifts from him to me).
  • I want someone who isn't worried about the emblem on the front of his car.
I want a lot of things, don't I?

I'm AmericanBridget, and I won't settle either.


  1. I don't think this is unrealistic at all. Steve is pretty much all these things except the gift thing. He is not good at this and it drives me crazy. All the people that get gifts from him all know that it is really me. Once in awhile he will shock me though like in 09 when he surprised me with a trip to Vegas for my bday. He called my mom to take AJ, made a spa reservation for me at Bellagio and took care of the hotel and plane. I had NO clue. He might not know what a wine reduction sauce is either. But I'll give him that one because he has food limitations and is a vegetarian. Good luck, pretty lady. I am hoping you find your man sooner rather than later. ;)

  2. I really love your list. Seriously, we are so similar! I'd LOVE to have you write a guest post on my blog - email me: sarah@brightlightsmycity.com


  3. After my first marriage (15 year relationship) I reduced my list of wants to: 1) a man who'd clean my fridge; and 2) one that would cook a meal for me.

    I got that with my 2nd husband and so much more.

    Stick to what you really want and you'll get it.

  4. I just don't know how people can even bring themselves to settle! It would just make me depressed and more lonely than if I hadn't settled at all. The list is good! It's perfectly fine and admirable to know what you want! However, if one day you happen to meet someone you're head over heels with that couldn't tie and tie even with a tutorial, an exception could be made, no?? =)

    PS - My blog url changed! www.sowwildoats.com - come visit!

  5. Fabulous list! I hope you find someone.

    I also think Carrie should have ended up with Aidan. Mr. Big is just...I mean, he's nice, but he's just not my cup of tea.

  6. I'm with you on everything. AMEN especially on the Two and a Half Men thing, sister. I can't tell you how much I want to roll my eyes when people tell me that's their favorite show.