February 11, 2011

Friday I'm in love

Series ideation compliments of Summer B Go check out her blog.  Also, Claire over at Bicoastally participates in the series too.  You should head over there if you're so inclined.  Promise you won't be disappointed.

What an appropriate time to be blogging about things I love this week, this mere 3 days before Valentine's Day.

Today, I love . . . .

Brother's framed article about FamousDC.
If you don't follow that blog, you should.
Not just about politicos on the hill or random political riff raff that no one except hill staffers care about.
And, you don't need to live in DC to "get it".
I used to live there.  Trust me, half of the time I didn't get things.
This blog solves all insider mysteries and puts a smile on your face.
They're funny guys.
And their anonymous contributors are quite gifted at commentary as well.
"Joe Biden is great, but so is Doris at the local cafeteria".
Or you can Facebook them here
They'd love you forever if you did.
Josh Shultz and Amos Snead.  
So Bril.
Until recently they were anonymous and had folks inside the loop guessing.
It was so Wizard of Oz like
And then after 3 years, they came out of anonymity.
I've got cool family members.

I've a wicked (in a good way) sense of smell.
I burn candles all day, every day when I am at home.
Some of the most soothing and relaxing smells come from  

Made right here in Texas.  Lucky me.
I'm telling you, they make great gifts.
And can seep through an entire household.
If I were to magically receive $100  I'd buy a handful and stock up.
No doubt.



  1. Here's to cool family members & things that make us happy :)

  2. I always thought that Yankee candles were the dumbest things in the world when I was growing up, but now I love them. :) Never heard of Tyler!