January 7, 2011

Friday I'm in love

Series ideation compliments of Summer B.  Go check out her blog.  Also, Claire over at Bicoastally participates in the series too.  You should head over there if you're so inclined.  Promise you won't be disappointed.

Today I'm in love with this creature.
She's mine starting at 5 CDT.
I've agreed to adopt her from a family who needed to find her a good awesomely loving home.
I know they are sad to have to give her up.  
But, there's a special place in my heart for this bundle of cuteness.
Their primary request was to find Maddie a new home with another dog.  
Apparently, Maddie needs to always be around another canine.  CHECK.
Not a problem here.
I already have a geriatric beagle who thinks shes about 2.  I adopted her when she was 10.
Except my geriatric beagle is pulling a Benjamin Button on me and aging in the wrong direction.
She's naughty and gets into trouble...puppy-type trouble.
I hope this new beagle teaches the current beagle a few manners.
And, I hope the two beagles will become fast friends.


I'm AmericanBridget and I've checked off another item on my Bucket List - adopting a 2nd beagle companion for Tulip.  I just hope Tulip approves.