January 17, 2011

30 truths: day 10

I'm not oblivious to the fact that things happen for a divine reason, though I'm never quite sure of the rationale at the current moment. 

How can I answer this without seeming as if I am coming across an ungrateful person?  How can I reflect upon various happenings and people who've walked into my life and not be thankful for their presence or experience with them; good, bad, ugly or indifferent?  How can I not acknowledge every situation we get ourselves into or is handed to us is a testament of our continued evolution as individuals?  

People come.  People go.  Was it that I didn't try hard enough in the relationship and we drifted?  Was it because they didn't try hard enough?  Did we simply grow apart?  Do I need to keep tabs on every single individual I have ever had a personal connection with? No.  Times change us.  Maturity changes us.  Situations and poignant experiences in life change us.  But each past encounter or relationship I've had was a piece of who I am now.

I can't honestly answer this question.  I'm not willing to say that there is one person I've met who should be written off as someone I shouldn't have.  Each person teaches me something, though admittedly hindsight is perpetually 20/20.  It may take months or years to realize their added value in my life, but I'll never dismiss someone into the proverbial mind-dust of having been better off never meeting them.


  1. Good post.

    I agree, time and maturity does change people.

    Thank you for your kind post on my blog by the way!

  2. Great attitude...unfortunately in my mind, I keep thinking, "Then you haven't met my ex."
    Love the title of your blog btw, and you have a terrific style and voice. Really enjoyed this.