December 13, 2010

30 truths: Day 08

It's day 8.  

And you know, the more I muster through this self-reflective 30-day exercise, the more I realize I've got it good.  I mean, really good.  Like, I don't internalize animosity and spew out remarks to people with a vengeance.  I don't waddle through my days hating people and wishing an ice pick would magically stab their eye balls.  I don't own a 5-bedroom house with an infinity pool, drive something that even Kim Kardashian would be jealous of or wear the Jimmy Choos on a daily basis, but who needs all that "fluff"?

So, back to day 8.  
Again, another hard question for me.  And I realize the harder it gets for me the answer some of these questions the better my life seems as I sit here reflecting on past antics and people and document them on this 15" computer monitor.

I honestly can't say that there is any homosapien on this planet that has ever made my life a living hell.  You reep what you sew and ladies and germs, I don't go about sourcing out negative folks.  I don't surround myself with them and I sure as hell try not to involve myself in meladramatic conflict.  (Except, there was that time circa 1999 where I intentionally started a semi-physical confrontation fwith a 4'11" gal who was continually verbally offending and taunting my best friend.  I made it my mission to walk up to her, give her a talking to and proceed to deliberately pour my gin and tonic all over her over-done hair and make-up.  We were in a bar and it was bumping up against midnight and well, let's just say I had indulged myself in a bar-ful of cocktails).

Back to my point by way of an extremely round-about manner...
There was a long period in the 9th grade when a girl, who I called a good friend at the time, was insenstive, used me humiliated me all within a semester.  And if you can dig through and remember those awkawrd emotions you had as a 15 year-old girl trying to make her way in a brand new school, in a new town, it's not the prettiest scene.  I'm going to leave all the gritty details out, but let's just say that she never could apply her lipstick right, she over-bleached her hair and was self-serving most of the time. But that was then, and I'm sure she's turned into a gorgeous person with an open heart.

I'm AmericanBridget and I was a short, timid thing in high school.


  1. Was the 4'11" overdone girl in the bar Snooki??? That's who it sounds like!! :)

  2. I'd say if you have to go back to ninth grade to find someone, you're doing pretty damn well lady!