September 8, 2010

A 30-something’s bucket list

It ain’t full of magical and inspiring trips or dares, but it’s mine.

I’ve got 6 years to make a move on these so-called goals before I hit the ripe ole' age of 40.  I can at times procrastinate worse than a sloth deciding to wake up and move positions after 13 hours of hanging upside down.  I’m a rock star when it comes to checking things off my work list, but in terms of my personal ambitions I should probably light a match behind my ass before it gets stuck to my sofa watching re-runs of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (no, I am not Team Danielle, thank you).


1.    Fit back into that stellar cocktail dress hanging in my closet.  (You know the one.  The one that’s been hanging there for 6 years because you dropped your entire net worth on it for that one special night and can’t bare to get rid of it).

2.    Make that trip to Costa Rica I’ve always wanted to do.

3.    Find that perfect slice of carrot cake (preferably heated and w/o nuts).

4.    Be a mom.  (Sans ideal man is fine too).

5.    Learn to do the Cha Cha and/or Rumba.

6.    Go camping without a tent and actually sleep under the stars.  (I loathe camping.  Haven’t done it in about 10 years and there is good reason for that).

7.    Run 13.1 miles - consecutively.  (Let’s be real, 26.2 is just never gonna happen for me).

8.    Rescue another beagle. CHECK.

9.    Purchase a pair of Jimmy Choo’s at full-price…just because I can.

10.    Rescue a chocolate lab.

11.    Paint a large canvass for my living room.

12.    Invest more into my IRA and ROTH IRA.

13.    Actually keep up with the stock market.

14.    Kiss a sexy Brazilian man…hot.  CHECK.

15.    Complete at least 50 Mensa problems.

16.    Purchase a fixer-upper home and actually fix it up.

17.    Attend a meditation retreat.

18.    Get published.

19.    Live off only one credit card.  CHECK.

20.    Try Botox.  Don't be a hater.


  1. Camping?

    No. Really. No. Agreed?

    Otherwise, that's quite a list.

  2. Yea for lists! I've got one too!

  3. I'm planning to Botox and you know I'll be bringing a friend to tag along so she can photograph it...cuz naturally, I'll be blogging that em effer!