February 5, 2013

Quoting things

 No, the greatest thing a father can do is lend his daughter a ton of money and never make her pay him back.  And buy her a brand new sports car when she turns 16.  Don't forget the unlimited access to the credit card when she runs off to college.

 Okay, maybe not everything...like walking backwards after three vodka tonics on a dance floor while trying to impress some young gent across the room.

 ...and pie, and brisket tacos, and cheese - lots of cheese, and brownies a la mode and don't forget eggs benedict.  And then start a diet shaming site and go sit in a dark room and regret every forkful of that damn cake you shoved in your face.  Damn the cake.

 Screw this quote, I just enthusiasm to write anything pithy and witty.

See quote about cake above.  There is resentful regret after the cake...

1 comment:

  1. Love these!

    Mmm, I do eat a lot of cake and pie and meats and..well, everything.